What is required to be eligible to participate in high school athletics?

  • Academic Eligibility
  • Up to Date Physical Examination
  • Up to Date ImPact Testing
  • Athletic Fee Payment

Can I play on an AAU/Club team and still participate on a high school team?

  • MIAA Bonafide Team Member Rule: A bona fide member of the school team is a student who is consistently present for, and actively participates in, all high school team sessions (e.g. practices, tryouts, competitions). Bona fide members of a school team are precluded from missing a high school practice or competition in order to participate in a non-school athletic activity/event in any sport recognized by the MIAA. Athletes cannot be given special treatment (late arrival, early dismissal, etc.) for non-school athletic programs.
  • First Offense: Student-athlete is suspended for 25% of the season.

  • Second Offense: Student-athlete is suspended for an additional 25% of the season, and is ineligible for tournament play immediately upon confirmation of the violation.

What if my child’s physical exam expires during the athletic season?

  • In order for a physical examination to be considered current and valid, it must have occurred within the preceding thirteen (13) months and will otherwise be considered expired. Student Athletes whose physical examination expires during a season must submit a physical examination form certifying a new physical examination prior to the expiration date of their last physical examination in order to continue participation without interruption